Tarsheed Publications

Tarsheed Program for Specialized Educational Publishing

Tarsheed's specialized educational publishing program, "Tarsheed Educational Publications," aims to publish specialized educational books in Arabic by enabling writers with new ideas, experiences, diverse experiences, and distinctive voices from different backgrounds, to publish their works and reach a broad Arabic reading audience.

The program includes publishing Arabic books already written by the authors or are still in the process of being written as well as publishing  Arabic booklets related to particular topics resulting from workshops, seminars or conferences.

The program is also interested in the translation and publication of foreign books.

If you are a teacher/educator or you work in the educational field, and you have a book that you have written or translated (either a complete work or one still in the process of being written or translated), and you wish to publish it, Tarsheed program is interested in what you have to offer.

How to apply:
Send an email to [email protected] , which includes: -Your CV with detailed personal information, and significant experiences, and publications. -A comprehensive summary (500-700 words) of the book, indicating whether it is ready for publishing or still being written, and whether it was sent to other publishing houses or institutions.

The publishing committee will then evaluate the initial proposal, consider it in light of the publications plan and provide you with a response accordingly.
If the response is positive, you will be asked to send the full copy of the book. A draft of the publishing agreement will also be sent to you.
If you have no issues with the contract, the book will be submitted to a jury of educators specialized in the book's subject area for comments and final decision on whether or not to publish it. The full process will be completed within two months from the date of receipt of the book.

If the jury's final decision is to approve publication, "Tarsheed Educational Publications" will work on editing, proofreading, designing the book, and printing and distributing it in the Arab world.

What would give a book the advantage over other books?

• It should handle a topic that Arab educators and practitioners in the field of education need and are interested in.

• It should take a rigorous and innovative in its approach to the subject.

• The author's experience in the field or in writing in the field.

We are pleased to respond to your inquiries on [email protected], starting with an initial discussion on the subject you have written, or are planning to write, about, and encompassing any other queries you might have on this application and publishing under this program.